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About AAA Affordable Polygraph

AAA Affordable Polygraph provides professional polygraph services to meet the needs of government, professional, business and private sectors.

Specializing in Criminal, Civil, Family, Domestic, and Applicant screening.
AAA Affordable Polygraph utilizes the latest computerized scientific instruments and incorporates validated examination methods.

What does the price of freedom or knowledge of the truth mean to you? Employers and individuals who require knowledge or validation of information have this question answered with polygraph testing.

Polygraph testing can resolve concerns and validate the truth for these types of matters; however this listing is not all-inclusive.  Contact us for further information or consultation:

  • Infidelity Issues
  • Attorney/Client control
  • Law Enforcement Screening
  • Government Screening
  • Security Screening
  • Domestic Disputes
  • Alcohol issues
  • Gambling issues
  • Sex Crimes & Allegations of Sexual Misconduct
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Criminal Defense
  • Identify the Guilty
  • Verify Information & Statements
  • Narcotic Investigations
  • Hidden Assets
  • Civil Rights Matters
  • Allegations of Public Corruption
  • Allegations of  Misconduct
  • Allegations of Child Abuse
  • Insurance Fraud
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Matters
  • Missing Persons
  • Violent Crimes
        • Property Crimes
        • Verifying Innocence
        • Anytime you need the absolute truth
        • Clear the Wrongfully Accused
        • Verify Information & Statements
        • Identity Theft
        • Forgery
        • Fraud
        • Embezzlement
        • Child Pornography

Polygraph testing, commonly called a lie detector test, is a pivotal tool in determining the truthfulness of information or statements in virtually any situation that requires knowledge of the truth.

Detection of Deception involves various elements to deliver a qualified opinion to specific or multiple issues. A properly trained and competent polygraph examiner will conduct a legal and proper polygraph test utilizing calibrated scientific instruments and validated testing techniques. Only through these means will you receive a reliable and credible opinion of a subjects truthfulness.  Detection of Deception has consistently produced information, which was impossible to obtain through other means.